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Samsung ACE 3 Ringtone
Samsung Bubbles Ringtone
Samsung Dubstep Remix
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Ringtone
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Ringtone
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Official Ringtone
Samsung Hip Hop
Samsung Note 10.1 Ringtone
Samsung Over the Horizon Remix Ringtone
Samsung Over the Horizon Ringtone
Samsung Piano Ringtone
Samsung Ringbells Ringtone
Samsung S9 Piano Ringtone
Samsung Sad Piano Ringtone
Samsung Spring Ringtone
Samsung A80 Mp3 Ringtone
New samsung official Mp3 Ringtone
2019 Samsung Mp3 Ringtone
Samsung M40 Mp3 Ringtone
Samsung note 8 Mp3 Ringtone
Apple iPhone 5C Ringtone
Apple iPhone 5S Ringtone
Apple iPhone 6 Plus Ringtone
Apple iPhone 6S Plus Ringtone
Apple iPhone 6S Ringtone
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Ringtone
Apple iPhone 7G Ringtone
Apple iPhone 7S Plus Ringtone
Apple iPhone 7S Plus SMS Ringtone
Apple iPhone 8 Plus Ringtone
Apple iPhone 8 Ringtone
Apple iPhone 9 Plus Ringtone
Apple iPhone 9 Ringtone
Apple iPhone XIR Ringtone
Apple iPhone XR Ringtone
Apple iPhone XS Max Ringtone
Apple iPhone XS Ringtone
iPhone 2 Mp3 Ringtones
iPhone 3G Mp3 Ringtones
iPhone 3Gs Mp3 Ringtones
iPhone 4 Mp3 Ringtones
iPhone 4s Mp3 Ringtones
Nokia7.1plus Mp3 Ringtone
nokia 5 ringtone
Nokia 9 Mp3 Ringtone
Nokia 10 Mp3 Ringtone
nokia 1100 ringtone
Nokia A1plus Mp3 Ringtone
Nokia german 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
Nokia humming bird Mp3 Ringtone
Nokia mix 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
Nokia Original Mp3 Ringtone
nokia original theme ringtone
nokia piano_mix ringtone
nokia soulful ringtone
nokia_kick_retro ringtone
nokia espionage
Top 2019 nokia lumia Mp3 Ringtone
Xiaomi enthusiastic mi_6
xiaomi mi freedom
Xiaomi mi mix 2 original
Xiaomi mi remix
xiaomi mi ringtone remix
Xiaomi Mix Mp3 Ringtone
xiaomi note 6 pro
xiaomi note 7 remix
Xiaomi redmi Note 8 pro Mp3 Ringtone
xiaomi redmi
xiaomi remix by zeth
xiaomi remix
xiaomi ringtone
xiaomi xylophone
Best vivo v11 Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo 7 plus mp3 Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo fun time 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo Latest Ringtone
Vivo Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo U1 Original Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo v8 default Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo V9 Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo V11 Pro Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo V40 Original Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo Y71 Mp3 Ringtone
Vivo Z1 Mp3 Ringtone
Latest oppo f7 youth 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
Latest oppo f9 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
New Oppo f5 Mp3 Ringtone
New oppo f9 pro 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
new oppo ringtone
oppo original
Oppo remix 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
Free oppo r17 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
Honor 8x Original Mp3 Ringtone
huawei aurora
huawei creamy xiii
Huawei Flute music Mp3 Ringtone
huawei fresh air
huawei guitar heaven
Huawei Honor Original Mp3 Ringtone
huawei mate 30 pro
huawei mate x
huawei p 2019 tr
Huawei P30 Pro Mp3 Ringtone
Huawei P30 Pro Original Mp3 Ringtone
huawei p30 pro
huawei p30 reklam
huawei p30
huawei ringtone
huawei wake up sound
huawei whistle
Huawei y5 prime Mp3 Ringtone
New Huawei P30 Pro Mp3 Ringtone
Top Huawie P20 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
Free Motorola 2019 Mp3 Ringtone
motorola g gen 2
Motorola moto E5 play Go Mp3 Ringtone
motorola moto g
motorola moto g6
Motorola p40 Mp3 Ringtone
motorola racer 2
motorola startec
soft alarm
tum hi aana
lehenga 2
Ravinderjeet sahu
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यदि आपके नाम की रिंगटोन हमारी वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध नहीं है एवं आप अपने नाम की मोबाइल रिंगटोन बनवाना चाहते है तोः आप सबसे पहले हमारे फेसबुक पेज को लिखे कीजिये और उसके बाद आप अपना नाम हमारे फेसबुक पेज पर मैसेज की रूप मे भेज दीजिये. जैसे ही आपका नंबर आएगा हम आपके मैसेज का जवाब की रूप मे आपके नाम की रिंगटोन आपको सेंड कर देंगे|
Depending on the model of mobile phone can play such as melodies or sounds are simple one-voice trills, polyphonic melodies, or any sound recording as a file. There are three basic types of ringtones: Monophonic ringtones — the phone plays a sequence of notes, no more than one note at a time. Polyphonic ringtones - the phone plays a few notes at the same time, one of the formats of polyphonic ringtones - MIDI. Realtones - music recorded in a digital file, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, etc.


The site presents phone melodies in mp3 format ( We dont host copyrighted ringtones in our website so dont send us DMCA notice because we create content ourself. All ringtones can be downloaded for free and without registration. To listen to and download, you must have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in / HTML 5 Support in your web browser.