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To create a ringtone, use the latest user-uploaded background theme.

West Days [Slackk]
Android Gaucho (Alternate 2) [D
Android Gaucho (Alternate 1) [D
Android Gaucho (Alternate) [Dav
Android Gaucho (Full Mix) [Davi
Positive Energy Vibration [Oliv
Hollywood Movie Trailer Style B
Calm Your Mind: Slow Drops [Sou
Pure Pleasure: Magic of Morning
Full Immersion: Alarm Clock [So
Flying Dreams: Piano Instrument
A Friend In Me (A Capella) [Sas
A Friend In Me (feat. 12" REMIX
Toxic [Saint Rose]
My Favorite : Game Mus
Infinity Relaxation [Jennifer C
Le Temps Des Cerises - From "Po
Easy Listening [Maryada Ram]
Sunrise Alarm Clock [Jasmine So
Nice to See You (feat. Open Mik
🔊 How to Craft Your Signature Ringtone
Feeling creative? Want a ringtone that's uniquely you? Here's how you can do it:
  • 🎭 Choose the BGM: Click on the PLAY icon to listen the background music. If it strikes a chord, you're on your way!
  • ✍️ Add Your Magic: Hit the "Add Name" button, and a magical pop-up form appears. Enter your name, a special text message – be witty, be sentimental, it's your call – and press "Create Ringtone."
  • 🎁 It's Yours! Voila! Your personalized ringtone is ready. Download it to your device and make your incoming calls truly special.
🌈 Endless Creative Options

What makes FDMR truly exceptional is the endless array of user-uploaded background themes. You're not just creating ringtones; you're crafting stories. It's music, it's art, it's YOU.
Don't settle for ordinary ringtones; make every call a unique experience. Join the FDMR community and let the music begin! 📲🎵

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